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Be confident you are making the right decisions whether you are looking to upgrade an existing practice or establish a new one. We have put together a guide of tips, tests and reminders to highlight some of the aspects to consider from buying a treatment unit to selecting suitable cabinetry, suction and compressors to ensure the design of your daily work environment is as comfortable and aesthetic as possible.

Looks good, feels excellent

The KaVo ESTETICA E30 opens a new dimension of Dental Excellence: The essence of high KaVo quality, reliability and efficiency at affordable entry level pricing. Easy and intuitive to use, safe and economical to operate. This treatment unit combines convenience and efficiency as part of your daily workload.

Everything your heart desires

Each detail of KaVo ESTETICA E30 is aimed at efficiency, flexibility and ease of use. The perfectly matched components ensure cost-efficient operation with high reliability. The integrated service functions lead to low costs and operational safety.

KaVo ESTETICA E30 - Where excellence begins.

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